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The Johns Hopkins Human Aging Project (HAP) is a Johns Hopkins Institutions-wide effort that aims to improve the health span and life trajectory of older adults. The HAP uniquely bridges biological, engineering, and clinical translational approaches to facilitate the development of new clinical practices and behavioral patterns that will positively impact the health and well-being of all older adults. The HAP is led by Geriatrician and Gerontologist Dr. Jeremy Walston, who helped define the most commonly used frailty measurements in older adults and leads research programs on frailty and resiliency in older adults.  The HAP has received start-up funding from the Johns Hopkins Center for Innovative Medicine, led by Dr. David Hellmann.

Donations to the HAP will further facilitate the development of research programs, outreach to underserved communities and stakeholders.  In addition,  it will enable the naming of new HAP scholars in order to facilitate the integration of expertise to focus on new approaches to healthy aging. 

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